Workshop: Breaking the Pattern of Codependency and Taking Your Power Back!

If, in your relationships, you find that you’re depending too much on the other for your own happiness and fulfillment, you may be exhibiting codependency tendencies without even knowing it.

Signs of Codependency Behavior:

  • You wrap your life, your decisions, your activities around what your friend/parent/partner wants

  • You often give more than want you want to

  • You have trouble calming yourself down and often it take someone else to bring you feeling back to normal

  • You struggle being alone

  • You lose a sense of who you are/ your voice when in a relationship for some time

  • You give in to things that you don’t want to do, even when it’s important to you

  • You become depressed or greatly affected when relationships end

When you’re in this type of relationship, what ends up happening is that you rely so much on the other that you disconnect from your own truth and begin living a life that’s essentially not our own.

What to Expect:

  • Learning about your specific patterns when it comes to being in relationship to other (friend / parent / partner)

  • Learning your specific core wound & belief patterns that are causing you to limit yourself

  • The Giver / Taker nature of codependents (people-pleasing, approval-seeking, seeking external validation)

  • The specific steps needed to break the cycle and take your power back

  • By the end you will feel inspired through knowledge and connecting through each other’s relationship stories, empowering ourselves through awareness is the first step to have better, healthier relationships.