Heal Your Insecure Self

Overcome insecurity, turn negative self-talk into loving inner dialogue, and connect to the true you.

Underneath the layers of old programming, negative beliefs, and insecurities lies your true self; the one who shines her light.

This is the real You.


For those who battle with anxiety and insecurity, especially those with a strong sensitivity, these past hurts can feel particularly burdensome. They tend to see themselves in a less-than-positive light, chipping away at their self-esteem and undermining their self-trust and self-belief.

When we find ourselves in a place where self-trust is in short supply and we’re wrestling with insecurity, it’s a signal that we may need some extra care and support.

The biggest piece I’m taking away from this coaching journey with Anita is letting myself see who I am- beyond the all my negative beliefs.

-M.K., Boston, MA

How the Program Works:

 Healing your insecure self begins at the core: your thoughts. We build off of a strong foundation of self-awareness, so this first module sets the stage for the consecutive modules to build off of.

The following modules bring you on a journey of self-discovery and self-love, teaching you how to move beyond your narrative and old identity and into seeing and attending to yourself. It’s a powerful process that is best experienced.

The final module is to prepare you for integration in your current relationship or to help prepare you for dating and attracting the right time of relationship for you.

Program Outline

Week 1 + 2

  • Welcome, Intro to program, personal share, client share and check-in
  • Create Client program goals
  • Positive and Negative Mirroring
  • Talk about insecurity, how it manifests in the many areas of our lives today
  • Different ways insecurity is formed
  • Define Authenticity and its importance in living a meaningful life
  • Self-discovery: rediscover who you are & what you want

Week 3 + 4

  • Learn the most common core negative beliefs (I’m not enough, I’m less than… etc.)
  • Deep dive into the Worthiness Wound
  • Uncover the specific beliefs you hold about yourself and your worthiness
  • We will work to break down these old beliefs of self while helping you to see who you are today.

Week 5 + 6

  • Learn to reconnect with your center & why it’s important
  • Build awareness to the ways you speak to yourself
  • Learn what your dominant thought distortions are and how to rationalize, reframe, and rethink negative, critical and judgemental thinking.
  • Learn self-compassion and the many different ways we lovingly speak to ourselves.

Week 7 + 9

  • Learn where in your life you self-abandon
  • Rewrite your insecurity narrative around the 6 most common insecurity triggers in life.
  • Learn to attend to yourself when feeling insecure and struggles with self-confidence.
  • Craft personalized affirmations

Week 10 + 11

  • In weeks 10-11 implement your TRUE SELF project! (A project to help you baby-stretch outside of your comfort zone while building self-security)
  • Learn to build your own bubble & get comfortable with being alone
  • Facing vulnerability and fears of rejection
  • Learn what your needs are in relationships and how to communicate your needs with confidence.

Week 12

  • Review, celebrate and talk about success beyond the program!

What Previous Clients Have Said…

“During the second half of the program, I noticed I had started to treat myself better and step into a more loving relationship with myself. This is the time when I started to see the power in me, the voice I actually had and the care I had for my feelings.

I started to internally feel like I was stepping into a new me, the ‘higher self’ I always wanted to become

-Tina J., UK

“I have never dug so deep into myself and my past before and I think that the self-discovery in that itself has been just phenomenal for me because my goal when we started was to get back my Ex. The goal should have never been that, and that is what it’s taught me: the goal should have never been about someone else, it should have always been about me. And now I have learned that.”

-Jess D., Florida

“When I met Anita I was single and serial dating for two years.

As I started working with her, I realized there was a lot of fear and hurt that I needed to overcome to understand myself. I thought I was ready for love but learned that I had to work on my attachment style to find the right love for me.

The tools I now have are helping me navigate all of my relationships, specifically with setting healthy boundaries. I am walking away with more confidence and positivity about my approach to dating and overall happiness.”

-E.P., Vancouver, Canada

“I’m impressed with how much the tools Anita has given me to check in with feelings have affected my daily life already. I’ve stopped myself many times throughout the day to stop, tune in and ask what story I’m attaching to the feeling. It’s helped me to feel more connected to me and what I’m currently feeling”

-A.H., Vancouver, Canada

“I can’t believe how powerfully my inner world has transformed in just 6 months. Thank you, thank you, x infinity. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with your IG page.”

Sam M., Boston

“Anita, you have changed the trajectory of my life. I have tried and tried and tried to put into words what you have done for me. I can’t do it. It’s a feeling, a mindset, this feeling of inner peace I have never felt before. It’s comfort and feeling safe enough to be my wild, crazy & free awesome self. Thank you for helping me work through all. the. stuff, Anita. You have helped me become a better parent, a better friend, a better sister and the best version of myself I could have possibly ever hoped for.”

Kelly D., Maine

“Thank you so much for everything, Anita! I learned so much with you, it’s helped my life tremendously.”

Kara E., Vancouver, CA

 “I feel like you’re the first person I can open up to and finally dig deep and understand why I keep pushing away love and intimacy. This work is hard but I am seeing how it’s so worth it!”

Tra G., Texas

“Relationships back then for me were never about connection, they were hijacked by pressing anxiety to latch on to whoever showed up.

Working with Anita helped me interrupt this pattern. Not only did I learn strategies, I had a safe container to practice them in and an empathetic coach to hold me accountable. I built a stronger and safer relationship with myself and I now show up in the world open to real CONNECTION, not auto-pilot attachment patterns.”

S.M., Kelowna, CA


How is this program run?

This is a 1:1 program with Anita as your coach. She prefers to have 1:1 coaching sessions to help bring you the deepest insights and impact in your healing journey. We meet over zoom for a weekly 1-hour coaching call for the duration of the program.

What's all included?

Along with weekly zoom calls, you will receive at the end of each session: further reading material, worksheets, templates and any other resources helping you to connect the dots and dig a bit deeper into your own inner work. This “homework” is meant to help you continue progressing forward while giving you time with yourself to process, reflect and uncover aspects of your story and yourself.

What if I'm already working with a Therapist?

That’s great! Coaching and therapy work great hand in hand.  In fact, it’s even more helpful for you to have two people in your corner helping you to uncover and process. Many clients have noticed how well the coaching sessions go with their therapy. Anita ensures that she’s adding to the conversation of what you’re already learning in therapy.

Am I right for this program?

The best way to find out if you are a good fit for the program is to book a discovery call with Anita. You can do that here. Anita looks for individuals who are self-motivated and responsible, who are open and coachable. Healing and transforming out of an insecure attachment and building a strong sense of self takes time, and so she wants to ensure you are up for the journey of 6 months!


What is your refund policy?

Anita wants you to feel like you’re learning and progressing through this program! If for some reason you feel you are not getting what you hoped for from the program, it’s encouraged to speak to Anita about this and she will restructure the program to be more tailored to your needs. Open communication is how we can ensure this program will get you your results!