You are the missing piece to the love
(and life) you crave.

In the quest for genuine love, a profound connection, the essential first step is cultivating a safe, secure and loving relationship with yourself. It’s when we learn to love ourselves the right way- the ways we’ve always longed for- we no longer need to seek it externally. All the love you are seeking has been inside of you all along.

Hi, I’m Anita!

I help women heal from past relationship wounds to unlock genuine love in their life!

Not long ago, I was stuck in a cycle of unaligned, unfulfilling, and sometimes even toxic, relationships. For years I was looking for my match, my partner in crime, but I started to doubt if there was a person made for me.

After a string of failed relationships, where I, too, was part of the toxicity, I realized I needed to change.

Through a whole lot of self-discovery, I unearthed my past, connected the dots, shed the roles and masks I played to gain approval and validation, worked through the anxious and insecure thoughts that held me back in love and in life, and finally started living as my true and authentic self.
“Ani”, I like to call her.

After several years of intentional healing and evolving,
I found my partner in crime, my “one”, to do life with. Now I’m on a mission to help women break free from their insecurity and codependency, and step into their true, authentic selves so they, too, can find their forever love.

Are You Ready to Embark on Your Journey To Love?



“Anita’s done more for me in 4 sessions than the previous two months of therapy..."


“I’ve had a lot of Ah-ha moments. I can see where all my resentment, controlling behavior and self-hate for being like that came from.  It’s liberating to see that I’m not inherently a mean person, I’m just having trouble asserting my needs. I now know how to prevent this from happening again because Anita has given me practical tools for reflection for future situations. I’ll definitely show up for myself more now.”


Raina, 31, San Diego

"Anita helped me break the pattern of attracting unavailable partners and build a stronger and safer relationship with myself…

…I now show up in the world open to real connection.”


S.M., 27, Vancouver

"Before starting coaching with Anita, I felt stuck and unsatisfied in my marriage…

…I am honestly amazed at how much progress and change I have made in my life since starting my sessions with Anita. I feel like I can focus on moving forward in my life with new optimism and clarity in who I am and what I want in future relationships.”

A.H., 40, Vancouver, CA

Ways We Can Work Together:

Single Session

Elevate your relationships, starting with the one you have with yourself. Our individual coaching sessions provide a safe and tailored space for you to address your unique relationship challenges.

Gain clarity, acquire valuable tools, and uncover profound insights about yourself and move forward with confidence.

Heal Your Insecure Self Program

Struggling with daily battles of insecurity and self-doubt? Our 12-week, one-on-one coaching program is tailored to help you overcome anxiety, build self-trust, and find your authentic self.

We tackle the daunting challenge of managing negative self-talk and transform it into a self-loving inner dialogue. Let’s break free from insecurity and unlock your true potential.

The Path to Love

Are you tired of the same old pattern of attracting emotionally distant partners? Partners who never truly see you, validate you, or commit to a real, meaningful relationship?

If you’re searching for lasting love, a genuine connection, and the partner of your dreams, our 16-week one-on-one coaching program is designed specifically for you. It’s time for your love story, and I’m here to help you make it a reality.


We’d be a good fit if:

+ You’re tired of the same, toxic patterns that seem to be following you from one relationship after another.

+ You’ve been working on yourself and yet you’re still attracting the same unhealthy and emotionally unavailable partners that only cause you to doubt yourself and your value more.

+ You are ready to find your partner for life, “the one”.

+ You’re ready to dive deep into the uncomfortable because you understand this is a necessary battle in the process of getting the love you really want!


“Working with Anita helped me interrupt my pattern of attracting unavailable partners and build a stronger and safer relationship with myself. I’m now ready for real connection!”

-Samrah, Boston, USA

“Half way through the program I noticed I was starting to treat myself better and step into a more loving relationship with myself. I was stepping into a new me, the ‘higher self’, I always wanted to become

-Tina, Birmingham, UK

“I am walking away with more confidence and positivity about my approach to dating”

-Elisa, Vancouver, CA

Has Your Recent Break-Up Left You Feeling Lost?


Feeling like your self-esteem got bruised from your most recent break-up?

Questioning if you'll ever find the love you crave?

Too afraid to put yourself out there again?


In this guide we'll go through 5 key steps to help you process your recent break-up, help you reconnect to You again, and ultimately get your grounding again so you can finally move forward.