The Path to Conscious Love 16-Week Program

The program that teaches you how to become and attract the love you’ve been longing for.

Break old relationship patterns

so you no longer find yourself in the same, toxic and dead-end relationships with all the wrong partners.

Become secure within yourself

so that alone time feels meaningful, not lonely.

And attract the partner of your dreams

yes, it’s possible!

You are the missing piece to the love you crave.

For most of your life, you have been taught that a relationship will bring you happiness. That a boyfriend or girlfriend, a husband or wife will complete you; that they will fill that emptiness inside. And so, you moved through your life looking for the one only to find yourself in one unhealthy and unfulfilling relationship after another. This is because in order to attract who we really want, we need to align with our most authentic selves and show up to the world this way. You will find that this whole time the missing piece to your love equation was inside you.

Hi, I’m Anita.

I help driven, professional women over 30 who have no problem growing in their professional life, but when it comes to dating they keep getting stuck in their own insecurities and in a pattern of unhealthy, unfulfilling, and sometimes even toxic relationships. I help them get to the core of their relationship patterns so that we can rewrite the pattern, while simultaneously learning specific relationship resources that we missed learning in childhood to connect more fully to themselves.


We’d be a good fit if:

+ You’re tired of the same, toxic patterns that seem to be following you from one relationship after another.

+ You’ve been working on yourself and yet you’re still attracting the same unhealthy and emotionally unavailable partners that only cause you to doubt yourself and your value more.

+ You are ready to find your partner for life, “the one”.

+ You’re ready to dive deep into the uncomfortable because you understand this is a necessary battle in the process of getting the love you really want!


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“Anita’s done more for me in 4 sessions than the previous two months of therapy..."


“I’ve had a lot of Ah-ha moments. I can see where all my resentment, controlling behavior and self-hate for being like that came from.  It’s liberating to see that I’m not inherently a mean person, I’m just having trouble asserting my needs. I now know how to prevent this from happening again because Anita has given me practical tools for reflection for future situations. I’ll definitely show up for myself more now.”


Raina, 31, San Diego

"Anita helped me break the pattern of attracting unavailable men and build a stronger and safer relationship with myself…

…I now show up in the world open to real connection.”


S.M., 27, Vancouver

"Before starting coaching with Anita I felt stuck and unsatisfied in my marriage…

…I am honestly amazed at how much progress and change I have made in my life since starting my sessions with Anita. I feel like I can focus on moving forward in my life with new optimism and clarity in who I am and what I want in future relationships.”

A.H., 40, Vancouver, CA

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Questioning if you'll ever find the love you crave?

Too afraid to put yourself out there again?


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