Be Confident

Be Unstoppable

Trust Yourself

Love Yourself

You are the Soul Creator of your own experience.

Do you feel…

…It’s time to live your life by intention instead of by default
and to turn your dreams into reality?

…It’s time to hold strong boundaries in your relationships with others,
and lean into your own love in times of stress or crisis?

…That it’s time to live a life where you follow your inner guidance,
and listen to the cues of your body instead of others?

…That you’re ready to create a life that you’re truly excited for;
where you have confidence in your ability to succeed?

…it all starts with you.

xo Anita

“Anita has a wonderful way of nurturing what is already stirring in the minds of her clients, helping them to realize their strengths and potential. It’s been a year since coaching with her and I’ve moved across the country, swapped careers, and made myself a priority.”

~ Ashley, California, United States

“Each coaching session was set in a flow of spirituality and kindness. I felt so much support that it gave me the courage to take a big oral exam that I hadn’t passed in the first two attempts and was initially very stressed and worried over. And you know what? I passed!


~ Marie-Sylvie, Paris, France

“Working with Anita has ended up being one of the most important decisions I’ve ever made, and I can’t even imagine how different the direction of my life would be if I had never made that first call.”

~ James, Washington, United States

“I acquired a huge improvement in my own outlook on life, discovered new directions for myself, as well, I uncovered aspects of my life I didn’t know I wanted to improve! Working with Anita has truly been a life changing experience.”

~ Dillon, California, United States

“Anita helped me uncover my truest desires for my life and set into place easily, actionable steps to reaching my goals. It is an ongoing process, but I have no doubt that I can achieve anything I want in my life.”

~ Jessica, Vancouver, Canada

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Move you beyond fear, self-sabotage and lack of self-trust and start living with intention, self-integrity and excitement for your life!

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Inhervision empowers women to gain trust in themselves around men and food by helping them reconnect to their own intuitive guidance. We do this by shifting their focus from psyche to soul, so they can show up with the self-integrity and self-love that is needed in living a fierce and feminine life.

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