Path to Conscious Love Program

Break out of your long-lived pattern of attracting the wrong partners and date with intention so that you can align and call in the love of your life!

Is this You?

You’re tired of being let down in relationships with partners who just aren’t on the same page as you emotionally or in what they’re able to give.

You notice you keep holding onto hope with the “wrong” ones because you see the potential in who they could become.

You have historically felt like you were “too much” or “too sensitive” for others, and this makes you wonder if you’ll ever find someone who will love you for all of you.

▶ You understand why you’re attracting emotionally unavailable partners, but you don’t know how to break the cycle.

▶ You keep wondering if there’s something wrong with you? If maybe you are the problem why relationships are not working out for you.

What you really want is to be seen for who you are- and not feel invisible anymore. You long to feel chosen by a partner and truly feel loved for who you are. 

You want to learn how to become an intentional dater, and learn how to end relationships that are not a good fit with confidence.

You want to enjoy the process of dating, and see it as being “on the journey to the one”, rather than suffer in thoughts about being alone forever.

You have so much love to give to that one special person, and you’re ready- no- DETERMINED to get on the right track with your dating life and get in the driver’s seat because it is time to call them in!!

Then this program is for you!

All you have ever wanted in your relationships is to feel loved and chosen.

And at the same time, to be just as excited, attracted and in love with them as they are with you. That was the tricky part.

I was like you. I was longing for a forever partner, but I was looking for them in all the wrong places, with all the wrong people.

I chased after the men who were emotionally unavailable.

I found myself over-giving in these relationships and contorting myself into whoever I needed to be to keep their attention. My world revolved around this one relationship, and in the process, each time, I would lose myself.

I would build a lot of resentment when my partner couldn’t meet my needs for closeness, connection, and commitment.

This led to a lot of conflict and attempts to change them, but (as you know) we can’t change people into who we want them to be.

After months or years of trying and hoping that things would magically change, it always resulted in the same—another failed relationship.

I started to wonder… maybe there’s something wrong with me. I’m the common denominator here. Maybe it’s me who will never be happy in a relationship.

But deep down I knew there was a guy out there for me. I knew I couldn’t give up.

It wasn’t until I became intentional with my dating, and got crystal clear on all the parts of the kind of person I wanted to call into my life that I finally became ready for him. It was a journey of learning patience, saying “no” to the men who didn’t met the standards or match the qualities in a person I was looking for. But after a few years of healing and one long, grueling year of dating with intention, I found my forever partner, Sergio. 

The journey isn’t easy, but it was definitely worth it! 

Now I would like to help other women, like yourself, find the love you’ve been searching for in a forever partner. That’s what the Path to Conscious Love program is all about- it’s about calling in a partner to create a conscious, healthy relationship with!

Path to Conscious Love program is for anyone ready to heal their relationship wounds once and for all so that they can attract the partner they’ve been longing for.

 With Anita’s guidance and support I was able to get clarity about the challenges I was facing with my partner, and work on how to remain calm and constructive whilst in the moment of being triggered. Anita helped me to improve my communication methods, and find and release the root cause of a deep trauma that was impacting many aspects of my life in relation to others.

N.W., 37, Italy

Program Outline

Section 1: Complete your Past

Sessions 1-8

This first section of the program is all about getting to the root cause of your relationship patterns. We dive deep into past wounds to uncover your limiting beliefs, why you attract who you attract, how to come to an acceptance with your past and while learning more deeply about your own inner-workings of why you show up in the ways you do in relationship.

Session 1 & 2

Session 1: Intro + Opening Ritual. You learn how to uncover your repetitive core beliefs about yourself and how they came into existence.

Session 2: You learn how to debunk these core beliefs so that they no longer have a hold on you.


Session 3 & 4

Session 3: You learn your attachment style, how it was formed from your specific childhood experiences. We also uncover your specific coping strategies, why they’ve been important and I teach you how to begin “taking off the mask”.

Session 4: We look at the abandonment wound and how this and self-betrayal has played a role in your life. You will also learn how to understand your feelings and emotions in a way that’s not scary.

Session 5 & 6

Session 5: you will meet your inner child and learn how to connect with them in healthy ways.

Session 6: The Mother and Father Wound exercises. You also get introduced to the practise of compassion and self-compassion.

session 7 & 8

Session 7: You learn about how codependency has played a role in your relationships and how to begin breaking the patterns of codependency.

Session 8: Uncovering your triggers and learning techniques in how to self-soothe and self-regulate your nervous system. You will learn how to connect to the parts of you that are holding onto trauma (a somatic practise).

Section 2: Building a Stronger Self

Sessions 9-12

This section of the program is about building up self-esteem so that you shine! We’ll uncover your strengths, core values, and what you stand for. You’ll learn what your needs and boundaries are and how to stand for them, and so much more!

Session 9

You will learn about your specific needs and boundaries in relationship. We hyper-focus on how to express your needs and communicate your boundaries in a healthy and empowered way.

Session 10

You will discuss your core values and how to create a life aligned to them. We will also begin the discussion on mission and purpose.

session 11

You will learn your unique strengths, and more self-discovery work around who you are and what you stand for.

session 12

In this session, we will tie the pieces together of what makes you special and unique. We will look at your bigger picture by taking inventory on all the 8 areas of life. This session is when you’ll learn how to create the life you want (including attracting the right type of partner).

Section 3: Prepare for Intentional Dating

Session 13-16

This is when things get real exciting! This final section is all about preparing yourself for the “right one”. We look at your specific attachment style’s relationship patterns and how to shift them. You create an ideal partner map and get clear on all the red flags of what you don’t want to attract.

Session 13

We will look at red, yellow and green flags in relationships past and future. We will also look at the 6 stages of relationship and how they play out with your specific attachment style and the patterns associated with that attachment style.

session 14

You will create an ideal partner map that will guide you forward in dating. You will also learn how to question the stories you project onto others and begin seeing people for how they really are- and not through your self-sabotaging ways. And finally, how to detect in your dating partners what attachment style they are.

session 15

You will learn the behaviors of a healthy, secure partner and how you can adopt these behaviors for yourself. You will learn a proper Clearing Conversation for you to use when in conflict with your current/future partner.

session 16

Surprise Growth and Progression Process.

Looking back – a Self Evaluation.

Celebration and Completion Ritual.

Your Personalized Program Includes:


1 complimentary Discovery Call to confirm we are a good fit!


16 weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with Anita following a tailored version of the Path to Conscious Love Program outline suitable to your wants and needs from coaching


Following each session an email will be sent with detailed notes from our session and your zoom recording so that you can rewatch anything you wanted to go back to


Homework and reading assignments to keep the momentum of your growth in the program and beyond. Additional resources provided according to the specific needs of the client


Whatsapp or Email correspondence in between sessions.




Payment Plan that feels right for you

Scheduling & Investment:

A four-month commitment is strongly recommended as real and lasting transformation can only happen with enough time to integrate your new insights and changes to habit.

I only work with clients who are committed to being held accountable, showing up 100% for each session, and are willing to break out of their comfort zone.

Payment is required up front (we can work with you on a payment plan) and the cancellation policy is 24 hours in advance. Payment is accepted via e-transfer (in Canada), debit or credit card.

The total investment for your personalized, transformative coaching program will be discussed during your discovery call.

I feel proud. I feel strong. I feel loveable. I have so much love for myself now. I enjoy hugging myself. I enjoy talking to myself and telling myself how amazing I am and truly believing it. I’m proud of myself because I am now the role model that I used to be for my daughter and son. It feels so good to have them acknowledge my growth and say, “mom, you’re so happy now”. 

W.M., 41

Vancouver, CA

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