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Come as you are

Where ever you are in your journey to healthy, deep and meaningful love that lasts, I’ve got you covered. When working with me, we start where you are. One of the most important things you can do for yourself is honor where you are on your journey. You are always exactly where you need to be.

Ready for “the one”

You’ve been single and working on yourself for a while, and yet each time you go out there you keep attracting the same people and the same unhealthy, unfulfilling relationships that are painful and even toxic.

You can honestly say you’re ready to meet the person of your dreams, but you don’t know where to start. All you know is that you need help breaking the pattern of attracting all the wrong people.

You might also have some clues into how you show up in relationships in unhealthy ways and are ready to work on changing these unhealthy, often sabotaging behaviors because you see the impact it makes on the relationship.


Recent Break-Up

You recently got out of a relationship and are in healing mode. You think you might be not be ready to get out there again quite yet, but you want to begin preparing yourself so that when you are ready you’ll be on the right path to love. You realize it’s time to do the inner work on yourself. It’s time to learn how to truly love yourself first. You might have felt that your self-esteem took a hit from your past relationships ending that has caused you to lose yourself a bit.

Fear not, we will work on rebuilding a strong connection to yourself through self-discovery processes that ultimately teach you how to love yourself in the right ways that you need and most crave. You learn to fill your bucket first.


Want a Break-Up Guide to Healing?
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Unhappy & Confused in a Relationship

You’ve been in this relationship for a while and you’ve come to a point that it just isn’t fulfilling you anymore. You might be coming to the realization that maybe this person wasn’t ever yours, or that you both fell out of alignment with one another and you just don’t fit anymore.

You feel confused about the relationship and are wondering if you should stay or you should go.

This is a very vulnerable place to be in, because you’re confronting the truth of how you feel unhappy in this relationship. We approach your situation with empathy and warmth- this is not easy. I will hold space for you to find your answer over whether to stay or go, ultimately leaving you feeling empowered and at peace in your decision.


Did you know…

You can have a 1 hour complimentary Discovery Call with me to learn about my coaching approach and if we’d be a good fit!