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Welcome to the Fierce and Feminine Series!

A compilation of interviews of Fierce and Feminine women who have gone through a period messiness, stuck-ness in their own self-discovery journeys and have come out on the other end as powerful and intentional women.  At the end of each episode you will find a worksheet to deepen your own self-discovery and growth that relates to the topics in each interview.

xo Anita

Self-discovery and aligning with your values with Chelsea Badr

Chelsea is a hair stylist turned Vancouver-based Self-Love Coach. She shares her story of growing up in a strict religion, having a rocky relationship with her parents, and dating a guy who was “all kinds of wrong”.

In this episode:

  • We explore Self-discovery, self-acceptance
  • The pain of exclusion and not belonging
  • Forgiving self and parents for being imperfect
  • self-sabotage, over-expectations and the fear of commitment in relationships
  • How we can prepare ourselves for the right man who’s in alignment with our values

Resources: Landmark Forum Worldwide, Boundaries (book), 10 Stupid Things that Women Do to Mess Up their Life (book), Energy Leadership (book)
Where you can find her: Instagram @chelseabadrlifecoach.

Self-Confidence, Self-Love and Realigning to Joy with Lisa Hau

Lisa was owner of Chop Shop hair salon in Gastown, Vancouver for 5 years until she decided to sell it and explore a new path that is more in alignment with her values.

In this episode:

  • How to make big decisions
  • We discuss the reliance on external validation
  • The social pressures for women to be a perfect daughter, wife, student  or girlfriend and how by leaning into these pressures to be someone else, we lose ourselves.
  • Practises in self-love and self-acceptance
  • Mirror work, Visualization and Dressing with intention 

Resources: Thrive Art Studio, Mirror Work
Where you can find her:, ChopShop Hair Salon Gastown

Navigating through Breakdowns, Trusting the Process & Connecting to Universe with Jordan Jaye

Jordan is a free spirit, talented writer/ poet, dancer and world traveler who’s left a piece of her heart in Southeast Asia. She is the midst of figuring out her path and shares with us the ups and downs that comes with it.

In this episode:

  • The struggle of figuring out what to do with you life
  • The power in Surrendering
  • The power of Self-trust
  • What happens when you begin to connect to the universe’s divine energy
  • How we can attract what we most desire in life 

Resources: The Law of Attraction by Esther Hicks (book), Attached by Amir Lavine (book), Bethany Webster’s Healing the Motherwound, Trauma Resolution Specialist Rachel Maddox
Where you can find her: @jordanjaye

Strengthening your Awareness and Trust in Intuition with Cara Viana

Cara is a teacher, healer, gifted intuitive and coach. She practices playful spirituality and helps bring you back into connection with the broader essence of who you are. Cara specifically helps her clients identify and own their innate Superpowers by connecting them with their higher selves.

In this episode:

  • Psychic ability and how we all have it.
  • Strengthening your connection to intuition.
  • What an Intuitive hit is and how we can tune in to it.
  • How to tell the difference between Intuition and Ego (fear).
  • How to become aware of the Universe’s messages for us.
  • Finding purpose.

Resources: Playful Spirit Circle
Where you can find her:

Tuning into your Body and Becoming Intentional with Your Needs with Sarah Mortlock

Sarah is a highly attuned and intuitive Resilience Coach, and is deeply committed to helping others raise their level of awareness and energy by strengthening their mind-body-soul connection.

In this episode:

  • Coping with bullying, sense of abandonment and loneliness
  • Creating healthy boundaries in relationships
  • Being Intentional in your life choices
  • Highly Sensitive Persons and their specific characteristics and needs
  • Introversion versus Extroversion
  • How to tune into your body for answers
  • Mindfulness practise

Resources: The Highly Sensitive Person Quiz, Mirror Work
Where you can find her:  Thriving Heart and Soul Coaching

Fierce Confidence! with Danielle Buchanan

In 2004 Danielle had a near death accident that changed the way she saw life. A year after the accident she was told she had cervical cancer. She thought “why me?” Then, with lots of intention, she changed her thinking to “I am here for a reason and that is to help educate others about cancer, overcoming adversity, and empower them to have positive change.” Danielle is a go-to for motivational speaking. The focus is you moving from surviving to thriving: you have a story to share! Danielle is a Certified Professional Coach and is working on her MA in psychology.

In this episode:

  • Becoming Confident and owning it.
  • Power poses and the power of our words.
  • How to move out of victim mentality.
  • How to redirect your life towards something BIG!
  • How to reframe negative self-talk

Resources: Amy Cuddy – Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are TED Talk,
Where you can find her: Soul Survivor Coaching (Danielle’s site)

Feminism, Girlpower, and Giving the Gift of Life with Ashley Hiebert

Ashley has always been doing her own thing. She runs two businesses, is a coach and mentor for marathon/triathlon teams for the Leukemia and Lymphoma’s Team in Training, helps children learn to love reading with One to One Literacy Program and currently she volunteers with Sole Girls, encouraging tween girls to find their inner awesome and build self confidence.

In this episode:

  • Bringing awareness to Intersectional Feminism
  • Learning to honor yourself by saying “No”
  • Learning to let go
  • Body image and how it’s affecting young girls
  • How she helped save two people’s lives

Reconnecting Back to Joy with Marjolaine Rose

Marjolaine is the embodiment of JOY! Her soul’s work is witnessing you and facilitating intuitive healing through introspective guidance and a holistic modality called BodyTalk. She uses this approach to support you in unveiling your own authentic purpose in life.

In this episode:

  • Navigating through uncertainty when you are unhappy in many aspects of your life
  • Choosing you by putting yourself first
  • Asking yourself powerful questions for powerful results
  • Focusing on what lights you up
  • Discovering clues to your purpose
  • Explore the holistic healing modality that works with your own innate wisdom called BodyTalk™

Love, Relationships and Soulmates with Alexandria Wenzel

Alexandria is a relationship coach and works with women in opening up to love, releasing blocks and bringing them back into their feminine energy to help them attract their soulmate. She’s currently taking a break in business to grow her family with her husband, Thomas.

In this episode:

  • We explore the 3 Levels of Love in any relationship
  • Self-sabotage in relationships
  • The real purpose of relationships
  • Masculine and feminine energies and how we can use both
  • How to prepare ourselves for finding our soulmate

Where you can find her:

Emotional Eating and Mindfulness with Cathy Wang

Cathy is a registered dietitian based in Mississauga, Ontario, and is founder and owner of Mindful Nutrition. She’s passionate about teaching others around mindfulness and mindful eating and provides nutrition counselling for people who are struggling with emotional binge eating.

In this episode:

  • What is Emotional Binge Eating? 
  • What the underlying cause can be that makes us eat
  • How we can manage stress in a healthier way
  • The practise of Mindfulness and how we can incorporate this into our eating habits and our life.

Resources: Mindful Nutrition , Dr. Gabor Mate
Where you can find her: @binge.eating.dietitian

Moving through the Entrepreneurial Sh*t Storm with Caitlin Jayne

For five years Caitlin served her community as a surgical nurse and taught students as an instructor in the BCIT Nursing Program. However very early on she realized this career was making her highly stressed and depressed, and she knew she had to get out. She decided to follow her passion for business and built and ran a successful College Pro Franchise from the ground-up within her first year. This experience lead her to now become a leading role in a company she loves called Breakthrough Academy, helping small business owners grow.

In this episode:

  • Making the leap out of a job you hate into a life more aligned
  • Trusting the process and trusting in yourself
  • Navigating through the storm when starting up your own business
  • How to get clear on the direction of your life through journalling
  • Uncovering Human Trafficking, what’s happening in the shadows, and how we can help

Creating a life Powerfully with Founder of Inhervision, Anita Hisir

Anita Hisir is the founder of Inhervision and a transformational coach who helps women gain trust in themselves so create a life they love and live it powerfully. She’s a world traveller, a lover of electronic and acoustic music and has been known to DJ in Vancouver, Austalia and Bali. Since 2011 she’s been on a journey of her own self-discovery and through the process became a coach, a writer and a speaker to share all the work on herself she believes can help others discover themselves too.

In this episode:

  • The role that travel plays in self-discovery
  • The importance of following your own breadcrumbs
  • How coaching found Anita and her niche
  • How Inhervision came to be and the type of clients she works with
  • How Trusting in yourself is the most important.

Resources: Anita’s Fav books: The Celestine Prophecy, The Untethered Soul, The Law of Attraction by Abraham
Where you can find her: